Work according to the standards


Standards as recognized technological rules

“The standards constitute a measure of faultless technical behaviour; this measure is also significant within the framework of legislation. There is an actual legal presumption among judges about the technical safety stipulations in the DIN and DIN VDE standards, to the effect that they are technically suitable, i.e., that they are ‘recognized technological rules’. ”

Technical experts do the work in the DIN’s standards committees, including the DKE. The roughly 3,500 appointed members – who are the technical experts sitting on the DKE’s committees and sub-committees – are specialists who come from all of the important ‘relevant circles’, e.g.,  users, statutory authorities, professional associations, vocational colleges, technical colleges and polytechnics, trade, handicraft industry, industrial manufacturers, testing institutes, property insurers, independent experts, technical supervisors, consumers and science. They must be authorized by the authorities (e.g., training institutes and research institutes, statutory authorities, other institutes, associations and federations, etc.) who delegate them for the work that is done by the standards committees.” (DKE is the source of this quotation).

Prof Goebel has been actively working in the DKE’s working circle of ‘protection from artificial optical radiation and laser devices’ for over 10 years.

“The German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (DKE) in the DIN and VDE is responsible – as the DIN’s standards committee and one of the VDE’s organs – for drawing up the standards and safety provisions in the areas of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology in Germany.

The DKE is the German member of the International Electrical Engineering Commission (ICE) in Geneva, Switzerland and the European Committee for Standardization of Electrical Engineering (CENELEC) in Brussels, Belgium.” (DKE is the source of the quotation).

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