Expert for laser technology


Prof Klaus R. Goebel has more than 25 years of experience in the field of laser technology, and he has been a publicly appointed and certified expert for laser technology since 1997. He gives lectures at Darmstadt University of Applied Science in the faculty mathematics/natural sciences in the fields of protection from artificial optical radiation, lasers and materials, as well as high-performance diode lasers.

Ingenieurbüro Goebel GmbH has an accredited testing laboratory (IEC ISO 17025) for protection from artificial optical radiation. We measure light in almost every form, irrespective of whether it comes from an industrial high-performance laser or a laser pointer, LED lighting or street lighting, or even a desk lamp.

Our services:

  • Licencing procedures and certifications worldwide.
  • Appraisals of damage and appraisal reports.
  • Legal appraisals (EU).
  • Safety appraisals of lasers and HP LEDs.
  • Assessment of dangers and analyses of risks.
  • Checks according to the Medical Devices Law and the Ordinance on
  • Protection of Operators from Dangers of Artificial Optical Radiation.
  •  Safety documentation (operating instructions).
  • Consultation during the development stage.
  • Planning of safety concepts.

The publicly appointed and certified expert

Who is a publicly appointed and certified expert?

Only someone who has been appointed and certified by an institution according to pubic law and on account of a law. This means the expert has proved to possess special technical knowledge, independence, impartiality and trustworthiness.

If only one of these requirements is lacking, the person will not be appointed as an expert. The designation of ‘expert’ alone does not offer any guarantee of quality, since it is not legally protected.

The recognition of experts by private associations cannot replace the public appointment and certification either. Only the public appointment is the distinction of a specially qualified expert as intended by the legislators.

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