Laser warning lamps

The DIN laser, EN laser or TROS laser (formerly BGV B-2) prescribes that appropriate warning signs must be displayed at the access points of premises where LASERS are being operated and which use a Class 3R, 3B or 4 laser system. In addition, a laser warning lamp is required that externally displays the active laser operation.

“LASWAL” laser warning lamp


The laser warning lamp has a ground-glass screen with the following lettering: “LASER”.

Assembly: surface-mounted, with two LEDs of 230 V

The laser warning signs must still be fitted at the access points to the laser protective area and in accordance with DIN or EN, in addition to the laser warning lamp.

Mobile “LASWAD” laser warning lamp

Hängeleuchte Tür

The mobile laser warning lamp (similar to a door plate) is made of brushed VA steel and has an integrated LED, flashing in light red. It is small, light and ideally suited for mobile use in various rooms or for servicing uses.

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