Laser safety with industrial systems

Lasersicherheit bei Industrielaseranlagen

Modern laser systems are becoming smaller and more powerful. When designing complex fabricating machines, the aspect of laser safety must not be forgotten. Not only is the licensing of finished products for the various markets an aspect that must be borne in mind, but also protecting the user from radiation.

Being the system manufacturer, you are entirely responsible for the technical safety of your machine! You must be responsible for the laser safety, even if the laser only represents a sub-component.

Concept of laser safety; planning from the start …

Especially in the case of complex laser sources, safety standards as well as the measurement and evaluation of the limiting values are very complicated. Integrating the technical safety standards is elaborate and costly; applying them is often subject to mistakes.

Ingenieurbüro Goebel GmbH acts as the competent partner of manufacturers and users in these cases.


Together with our customers, we provide advice on the concept, which will accompany the development. This concept already considers the appropriate layout and design regarding the radiation parameters and technical construction of the equipment during the starting phase, so that the finished product complies with all relevant safety standards for artificial optical radiation or laser radiation, as the case may be.

The licensing procedures and national regulations of other countries are followed from the start, so that subsequent expensive alterations of the design can be minimized.